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Allergen Control & Nutritional Information

In our production plant where we make a wide range of different ingredients for ice cream and other foods it is inevitable that we handle some known allergens. Such ingredients as eggs, dairy products, and soya ingredients are included in some of our recipes. Food Specialties monitors all known allergens in the products we make. We manufacture more than 90% of all the food ingredients we sell.

Incoming raw materials are certified by our suppliers, as appropriate, to contain no trace of any allergen which should not be present.

Warehousing of raw materials segregates products which we use which contain known allergens such as egg products and dairy products into an allergen area. Each product in the allergen storage area is labeled boldly with the name of the allergen present. Allergen containing raw materials are stored in such a way that accidental spillage can not cross contaminate other products.

We can certify every product we make to be nut free

Each piece of production equipment has a production plan prepared and modified daily to ensure that any known allergen from one batch will not contaminate a following batch where the allergen is not present. Testing to confirm the absence of some allergens such as peanuts and almonds is carried out routinely. Employees are not permitted to bring nut containing foods into the work place. An allergen declaration is available for every product Food Specialties supplies.

We maintain a data base of nutritional information for all the materials we handle. Calculated nutritional information is available for every product we supply.

No nut allergens are permitted anywhere on our premises. We can certify every product we make to be nut free.

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