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In 1983 Russell Morley was running Food Specialties in Canada in partnership with Smith and O'Flaherty. The business was growing rapidly to supply customers in every part of Canada. Russell was travelling and working long hours to support this growth.

His mother said to him one day, "You look so tired. Why don't you come home to England for a rest?" The "rest" is history, as they say. He could not rest and when he arrived in England for his relaxation, Russell started to look for opportunities to do business there.


Making The Best Quality Ice Cream

He met Buff Harvey at Langage Farm in Devon. Buff and Len had travelled the world looking for all the information they needed to make the best quality ice cream. Russell helped with the recipe and provided some of our ingredients.

Food Specialties U.K. Ltd. started this way and continued to invest in developing the market in Britain for many years before the financial rewards began to be felt. We have helped many of our customers to make the kind of ice cream people come back for again and again, because they liked it. Our business, and the businesses of our customers have grown steadily.

Buff Harvey made the best clotted cream in Devon and the best ice cream in the world.


Helping Others Be The Best They Can Be

In 2013 we started to make some of our products in England. This activity will grow slowly. It allows us to reduce prices for our British customers, and to deliver better service.

We are proud of our reputation for helping others to be the best they can be. We are ready to help you with the technical challenges and organoleptic delights of making the products your customers are longing for.

Two sites in Britain are currently making part of our product range. Stabilizers for ice cream are made at a BRC site in the South West, and some sauces and cookie dough products are made for us near Worcester. The majority of our products for distribution in the United Kingdom are still made in Mississauga, Ontario.

We store inventory to meet the immediate needs of our British customers. It is kept at a warehouse near Worcester. Sales responsibility is with Mrs. Yudy Pelle. She is based at our offices in Mississauga, Ontario. The best way to communicate with Yudy is by e mail. Orders can be e mailed to Yudy can also be reached at our toll free number, 0800 897 301. Please remember that in Ontario our working day starts five hours later than Greenwich Mean Time.


Russell Morley
Managing Director


Yudy Pelle
Mrs. Yudy Pelle,
Sales Manager

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