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In 1967 an immigrant carrying a guitar arrived in Halifax. The journey had been a little rough and the land was still swaying under his feet as Russell became used to his new country, Canada.

Ice Cream Ingredients in Canada

After a long rail journey through a land covered in snow he arrived in Toronto and started looking for work. To his surprise he was hired as a salesman to sell ingredients to food manufacturers. It seemed he was not very good at selling. The results came slowly. But his colleagues liked him. Later, when Drew Chemical wanted to get rid of their Food Specialties division he bought it in partnership with Perry Laurence, his former boss.

The business was making and selling ice cream stabilizers. It grew and diversified into other products. Nickel catalyst making was a disaster and forced a change of ownership of the company. Food Specialties became a division of Smith and O'Flaherty who had their own range of ice cream stabilizers.


From Stabilizers to Every Kind of Ingredient Used in Ice Cream

1982 marked the beginning of serious research into ice cream technology, particularly related to the functionality of stabilizers. The work was carried out at the University of Guelph. Subsequent research has allowed the company to diversify its product range to include almost every kind of ingredient used in ice cream.

Food Specialties supplies ingredients and formulation help to ice cream companies in every part of Canada. The largest and the smallest. We have helped some of the largest customers complete projects which were basic to their needs, and we regularly give our services to small entrepreneurs seeking solutions to formulation problems. We can help your company too.

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Mrs. Yudy Pelle,
Sales Manager

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