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Manufacturing in our host countries

For more than 15 years, Food Specialties has been looking for opportunities to partner in manufacturing our large range of ice cream ingredients in factories where we can serve local markets.

In China, we are expanding our ability to serve the most demanding customers by relocating our manufacturing arrangements for sauces and fruit products to a site which is certified to BRC standard.

In Nigeria, just beginning to be active, we may need a joint venture to fund the licenses and permits needed.

This year, we are beginning to manufacture some products in Britain. Funding will also be required to complete our plans.

We are looking for opportunities in other markets. India and South Africa are in our wish list. Food Specialties is growing and changing to serve more customers in more places with better service and excellent quality.

Do you want to tell us where we should go next?


Better service, new flavours!

Food Specialties has been very fortunate over the years since 1982 when we made our first flavour. Bill O’Flaherty and Nada Kabis developed Vanilla 82/19. It is still amongst our most popular flavours.

Stan Muir contributed many of our emulsion formulas, based on key flavours we needed to buy from others. Today we prepare our own Key flavours to supply to other companies in the Food Specialties group.

Bob Gordon left a huge mark on our flavour library. We are still discovering the last of the wonderful recipes he left in our files. Many of those product concepts have been modified to meet the needs of new markets which asked for a new standard for the term Natural. We also developed a range of alcohol-free flavours, many of them based on Bob’s work.

Food Specialties was certified to make Organic flavours before most people knew there could be a market for Organic and other varieties of “free from” flavours.

Flavours are the biggest single group amongst our sales categories. In 2020 we will double the space available for flavour making in our Mississauga factory.

We can make the special flavours you need to expand your product line.


Soft Dough particles

Cookie dough production has occupied a lot of our time. That is literally true because until now cookie dough production has been the most labour intensive task in our factory.

The solution to this problem will be addressed using some outside assistance to design and implement a more efficient production line. The work has been planned to happen in 2019.

We make a range of soft dough particles to be used as inclusions in ice cream. Choco chunk cookie dough, plain cookie dough, Donut dough pieces, Brownie pieces, Gingerbread pieces, Caramel pieces, Christmas pudding pieces, and we bake some shortbread pieces made from a soft dough.

Can we make a unique soft dough particle to perfect your next new ice cream flavour?


A wide variety of variegating sauces

Food Specialties makes a wide range of sauces to be used as variegates and toppings for ice cream.

Our most successful sauce is our original Caramel Fudge sauce. There are customers who tell us that this sauce is in their best selling ice cream products. We also make a range of salted caramel sauces.

The biggest volume of sauce we have ever made is Strawberry Core sauce. It was used for many years in a popular strawberry shortcake stick novelty. It has the firmness to hold the stick in the product whilst it is eaten, but remains liquidy when frozen to give a great eating experience.

Jawstick sauce was shown to many customers, but nobody took it to market. It was proposed as a stretchy core sauce to be used as the centre of a stich novelty. The idea was for people of all ages to play with the stretchiness of the sauce whilst enjoying the novelty.

Food Specialties makes flavours. With a strong knowledge of flavour making it is easy for us to produce a range of different sauces to satisfy every need. We make marshmallow sauce, chocolate sauce, various fruit sauces, Chai sauce, spicy sauces, and sauces with only natural ingredients.

Can we make a special sauce to enhance your ice cream creation?

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