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Manufacturing in our host countries

For more than 15 years, Food Specialties has been looking for opportunities to partner in manufacturing our large range of ice cream ingredients in factories where we can serve local markets.

In China, we are expanding our ability to serve the most demanding customers by relocating our manufacturing arrangements for sauces and fruit products to a site which is certified to BRC standard.

In Nigeria, just beginning to be active, we may need a joint venture to fund the licenses and permits needed.

This year, we are beginning to manufacture some products in Britain. Funding will also be required to complete our plans.

We are looking for opportunities in other markets. India and South Africa are in our wish list. Food Specialties is growing and changing to serve more customers in more places with better service and excellent quality.

Do you want to tell us where we should go next?

Better flavours!

Food Specialties has gained knowledge of flavour products allowing better control of costs in our ability to formulate flavours from basic ingredients.

For our partners in China, Britain and Africa we are able to prepare "key" flavours. This development is helping us to serve more customers in more places with our excellent quality range of flavours. We are able to serve customers in developing markets by establishing local blending of flavours using our keys with locally available solvents.

We supply natural flavours, organic flavours, Kosher flavours, alcohol free flavours, and of course there are many traditional flavours in our product range.

Soft Dough particles

Food Specialties has developed a range of soft dough cookie and candy particles. These premium products have been widely admired, although sales were slow to develop at first. Production efficiency has now been improved. Our cookie dough will compete in quality and price!!

Fudge Brownie pieces
Cookie dough pieces
Choco chunk cookie dough pieces
Caramel cubes
Gingerbread pieces

And many more.

Developing strength in sauce making

Food Specialties ice cream sauces have been the choice of the best ice cream makers since we introduced the line. There can be no change to the quality standards we have set for ourselves but...Can we make them less expensive?

You bet we can. We began making our premium sauces in a 50 kilo kettle that was older than Russell. It was heated with hot water pumped through the jacket of this historical vessel that was built to pasteurize cream for a famous chocolate company.

Now with a new Steam Boiler and High Capacity Kettles, our efficiency has increased. Ask your Sales Rep to try competing to become your sauce supplier.

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