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It's on the tip of your tongue. You can practically taste it, but can't quite put it into words.

It all starts with an idea. From there, we can help bring your product concept to life with our wide range of ingredients.

It's all here. Flavours and bases, Stabilizers and Emulsifiers, Sauces and inclusions, artificial, natural, and organic.

We have ingredients and recipes for frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, sugar-free desserts, nondairy frozen desserts, and of course ice cream.

Everything you need to make the finest ice cream, and then some. Allow our extensive list of products help give voice to your taste buds.



Let's face it, first impressions are lasting impressions. Sometimes, changing the look of your product can give you the extra advantage you need to stay on top. Enhance the aesthetics of your product with Food Specialties colours.


We love yogurt!

For soft serve, self serve, frozen yogurt businesses we have used our skill in the development of new formulations. We have made products to allow yogurt to perform perfectly at all times on less expensive machines. We can supply and service the machines you need.

We have developed new stabilizers and flavours for the most delicious and refreshing yogurt treats. We have developed equipment concepts to give you independence by making your own mixes. We are ready to use our library of knowledge to innovate further, pursuing all of your goals.

Send us your problems and ideas. We love yogurt. We can help to fulfill your dreams!

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Endless possibilities. That's what we had in mind when starting into our flavour production more than 30 years ago. From Almond, to Zuppa inglese, our wide range of flavours and bases will help you achieve the high quality results you've come to expect from Food Specialties.


Stabilizers & Emulsifiers

Mouth feel, flavour release, and stand-up ability. These are a few things you're looking for when deciding on the right stabilizing agent for your product. With over 45 years of specializing in stabilizer/emulsifier blends for a myriad of product lines, Food Specialties has the stabilizer best suited for your application.


Fruit Preparations

Fresh fruit is a welcome addition to many ice cream and sorbet recipes, enhancing flavour profile, and texture. Food Specialties fruit preparations use only the finest fruit, blended into fresh purees and chunky stabilized sauces, giving your product a genuine fruit enhancement.



Is something missing? Sometimes, the right flavour and perfect sauce are simply not enough, and leave you asking for something to chew on. Choco chunk cookie dough, Fudge brownie pieces, and Praline pecans, are a few ways to add another dimension to your product.

Turn your good ice cream into a great one, with Food Specialties inclusions.


Cocoa and chocolates

Chocolate water ice bars, white chocolate ice cream, and fudge novelties are just a few ways our clients have put our cocoas and chocolates to use. Nothing says decadent more clearly than real cocoa in your product.



Whether it's a filling for a novelty bar, a topping for baked goods, or a swirl in your ice cream, a nice sauce can add a burst of flavour to your product. Chunky, or smooth, with fruit pieces or without, give your product a twist with Food Specialties' unique variety of variegates.



Some of the great Food Specialties products you've already come to know and love, with organic certification.


Machinery Sales

Food Specialties has purchased many of our production and laboratory machines from suppliers in China. We have developed strong relationships with suppliers of tanks, pumps, freezers, fillers, ripple pumps, fruit feeders, etc. It is possible for us to recommend reliable Chinese suppliers for those kinds of equipment. The business of Food Specialties is to make and supply the best ice cream ingredients in the world. We do not plan to supply equipment as a vendor because we do not have the technical resources to offer warranty support. We are happy to offer referrals for machinery supply based on our experience.

Ice cream equipment for small and large manufacturers is recommended. The product range includes soft serve freezers, Gelato batch freezers, Hardening cabinets and display cabinets from Mehen. Chaoli offer a range of homogenizers from lab scale to production models.

Zhejiang Xingsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. manufacture a wide range of dairy processing equipment. We recommend their pumps, mixing devices, in line homogenizers, batch pasteurizers and other custom built equipment. Food Specialties operates some of this equipment in our Mississauga factory. It is available for your inspection.

Request your detailed Xingsheng, Mehen, or Chaoli product list here.


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