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Finding what you need isn't always as simple as sourcing a product. A helping hand is quite often the solution in making what you have work better for you.

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Ice Cream Technology and Problem Solving

Research & Development

If the shoe doesn't fit, why wear it? Instead of trying to squish your concepts into the proverbial "box", Food Specialties laboratory brings to life your unique ideas with tailor made products. The perfect fit for your company's vision.

Mix Cal, Designing Ice Cream Recipies

MixCalc: Design Ice Cream Recipes using Alternative Ingredients

Food Specialties' Mixcalc spread-sheet was developed to design ice cream recipes using alternative ingredients... to economize on cost, to adjust total solids, to explore flavour and texture options, to optimize shelf life or for various other reasons...

Allergen Control and Nutritional Information

Allergen Control & Nutritional

Every known common allergen is monitored throughout our production work to ensure that an allergen can not contaminate any product where it should not be. Our Mississauga site has been totally nut-free for several years. We also maintain a data base with information on the nutritional properties of every raw material we use.

Allergen Control & Nutrional Info
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