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Food Specialties offers everything you need for frozen yogurt

yogurt ingredients

Pasteurizers and homogenizers for preparing the mix

pasteurizers and homogenizers

Formulation service guiding you in the recipes to use for mix making. Storage vessels for aging the mix.

Freezers to freeze the mix ready to serve to customers

yogurt freezers
Dry blended powder bases which can be reconstituted with either milk or water. Flavours in a convenient to use one ounce per gallon dosage.

Display cabinets

yogurt display cabinets Toppings, your favourite candies and sauces, cookie dough, brownie pieces, and much more.

This is your one-stop shop for everything you will need to make and serve the best quality frozen yogurt. We make most of the ingredients we offer to sell so we can keep your costs under control.

We can train you to use our machines, we can show you how to make the best quality products and we can help the success of your business by helping you to make the most profit on all of your sales.

Allergen Control & Nutrional Info
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